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Glassprimer™ glass paints can be applied to any clean glass surface with permanent bonding. No heat curing or oven backing is used with Glassprimer™ glass paints.

Glass paint is sued to created colored glass for a myriad of applications

Application include:

  • Interior and Exterior Colored Glass
  • Residential and Commercial Colored Glass
  • Back painted Glass Counter Tops
  • Colored Glass Cabinet Refinishing
  • Texture Coating Colored Glass
  • Faux Finishing Colored Glass
  • Ceiling Accent Colored Glass
  • Laboratory Colored Glass for a Hygienic Workplace
  • Back painted Glass Murals

We guarantee a professional job every time. At ACME, we offer a complete service. We never leave a mess, or unfinished work. You can count on us for:

Glass surface must be clean, free of oils and dirt.

Glass paint can be applied with a roller or paint sprayer.

Glass paint can be thinned and cleaned with convention acetone

Glass Paint will dry at room temperature generally in 24-48 hours. Glass can be cut, drilled, sanded, and edged once the paint is dry with no risk of peeling, de laminating, or cracking!

Glassprimerâ„¢ glass paint spray painting method instructional video:

  • Step 1. Thoroughly clean glass surface with rubbing alcohol and new paper towels.
  • Step 2. Thoroughly Mix 7 parts of paint with 1 part of catalyst.
  • Step 3. Paint glass surface using a paint spray gun with 3-4 coats. Allow paint to cure at room temperature for 24-48 hours before handling.

*Spray gun should be set from 60-120 psi

*Thin paint with conventional acetone no more than 15% (1 part)

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